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Hiring the space - horshamquakers@gmail.com 

Hire the Space

We are very pleased to share our space with the community and welcome enquiries from any organisation (charity, business, social enterprise, faith group, community action group) which are in line with our Quaker values. See Hire policy below.


We currently offer space to a variety of hirers: Yoga classes, Recovery & healing groups, local charities & businesses, environmental causes and much more.      

Bookings: Helen Whittington (Resident Friend) - horshamquakers@gmail.com

Hire our space

Main Meeting room

£18.00 per hour.

Day rate (6 hours or more £95)

  • Light & bright square hall

  • Wood floor.  

  • Flexible space for meetings, movement activities, presentations & Films

  • Main floor Size: 

  • 6 Gopak tables for meetings

  • Seating for up to 50

  • Superfast Wifi

  • Projector (free to all groups on application)

  • Flip chart (available on application)


Hire rates correct as of Sept 2019

Rigge Room

(smaller Library space)

£9.50 per hour

  • Cosy carpeted room

  • Ideal for 1-1 work or small

  • Seats 8-12 people (max 16) 

  • Secluded garden view

  • Superfast wifi

  • Flip chart (available on application)

Hirer Application Documents 2020

Hirer policy

We reserve the right to refuse bookings from:

  • any organisation with aims contrary to Quaker values, which include a commitment to peace-making and against militarism, to equality (including social, racial and gender equality), to truth and integrity, to simplicity and to respect for the earth and all life upon it;

  • any organisation whose objectives are unclear;

  • any religious group or sect reasonably suspected of using indoctrination or exhibiting religious intolerance;

  • any group involved in illegal or morally unacceptable practices;

  • a group who has persistently breached our Terms & Conditions as set out in the Conditions of use document. 

 To make a booking enquiry: 

1. Please first read the hire policy above.

2. Check Hallmaster booking calendar for availability (this is a guide only)   

3. Email the Resident Friend who manages bookings - horshamquakers@gmail.com

4. Provided the proposed booking meets our hire policy, a provisional booking will be held. 

5. Return the completed booking form and sign to confirm Conditions of Use document has been read & the terms accepted.